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10 October 1989
ok well i noticed that alot of my friends are filling up their about me parts soOoOo i thought i should too. I must warn you my life is extremly boring in fact all i really do is sit in front of the computer screen. *nods head* yep its true, now when im not vegitating, i am chillaxing with my friends....this includes my partner in crime Nora (who happends to be the one i love to have my way with *eyes dart around*) Of course Roosky he is my serpareted twin as i am his brother, without him my soul is not complete, and Alex, my not-to-much-mentioned love affair, so yeah the "ACE GANG" (as we like to call it) pretty much hangs out almost everyday at school and every other day outside of school (watching movies, chillaxin', eating popcicles..you know that kinda thing. other things about me i guess are that im a sexy bisexual, who tipically prefers girls to guys, i have a huge obsesion for michelle rodriguez and vin diesel, and any problem i have can be resolved with a popcicle....yup thats me

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Date Created:1234 BC
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Lizz loves to laugh, play, sing, and dance. she loves random things. likes to play video games, chill on the net, and hang around with friends
Strengths: friendly, easy to please, funny, happy, positive, loving, strong,optimistic, good friend, shoulder to cry on, crazy.
Weaknesses: babies, animals, people who cry, weak people, drama queen, stubborn, full of herself, kinda a quitter.
Special Skills: Bow fighting skills, computer hacking skills, boxing, fear in the eyes. awesome reflexes!
Weapons: Bear hands! bow stalf, sword!
motto: Its better to pissed off then pissed on

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